The Palace of Parliament

The Palace of Parliament measures 330,000 m2 (~3,550,000 sq ft) and is regarded as former dictator’s, Nicolae Ceaușescu, most cherished jewel. By definition is one of the most significant sightseeing objectives in Bucharest, the capital of Romania.

Bragadiru Palace

The city of Bucharest has many palaces and boyar houses that were declared historical monuments – each has a story that influenced the buildings which became offices for institutions, private residences, leisure places or centers for various events. The Bragadiru Palace is one of these superb buildings beginning its story at the end of the 1800s.

Rahove Beer Factory

As you step through the metal doors, going down to George Cosbuc boulevard, you can step back in time and imagine how a whole was running there 100 years ago. The Bragadiru beer factory exists thanks to Dumitru Marinescu Bragadiru's passion and dedication, built at the end of 19th century, following to conquer an entire continent with his productions. He was a very popular character in his time, a very humble person and someone who valued honesty. Dumitru Marian Bragadiru remained in people's thoughts as the best Romanian merchant.

People`s Salvation Cathedral

The People's Salvation Cathedral (Romanian: Catedrala Mântuirii Neamului) refers to an Orthodox cathedral in Bucharest that is meant to become the patriarchal cathedral of the Romanian Orthodox Church. It is the tallest and largest Orthodox church in the world by volume. It is located in central Bucharest on Spirea's Hill (Arsenal Square), facing the same courtyard as the Palace of the Parliament. The cathedral is dedicated to the Ascension of Christ and to Saint Andrew the Apostle, protector of Romania.

Old Town Bucharest

Bucharest’s grand Old Town is home to Vlad the Impaler’s former court at Curtea Veche, now an open-air museum of excavated medieval ruins, and the National Museum of Romanian History showing religious icons and royal treasures in a former palace. Shops sell local wines and beaded jewelry, while elegant restaurants in 19th-century buildings serve traditional dishes. Buzzing pubs and discos draw crowds after dark.

Calea Victoriei

No street in Bucharest has a history to match that of Calea Victoriei, the city’s most famous thoroughfare which runs - much as it has for more than three centuries - from Piata Victoriei in the north of the city all the way down to Piata Natiunilor Unite and the Dambovita river. With fine houses, palaces, churches, hotels, upmarket shops and museums, it remains perhaps the most prestigious address in the city.

Piata Constitutiei

Piaţa Constituţiei (Romanian for Constitution Square), also known as Palace Square, is one of the largest squares in the center of Bucharest, Romania. It lies in front of the Palace of the Parliament. The square is one of the best open air venues for concerts and other public events (parades, etc) in Bucharest. Each year, there is a New Year's Party organized by the city mayor. World-class performers, such as AC/DC, Shakira, Leonard Cohen, Bon Jovi, The Prodigy, Judas Priest and Sting, have played in Piaţa Constituţiei. Lady Gaga performed here to a sold out crowd of 22,000 people on August 16, 2012 during her Born This Way Ball Tour.